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Industry Shipping

Your products are unique - so when you ship them to customers’ you’ll need a printed plastic shipping bag to match, and if you rely on the U.S. Postal Service that mailer must meet proper regulations. Star Poly got the perfect mailer for sending products, catalogs, brochures and the many other types of literature.


Postal Approved Polywrap and Mailer Bags

Mailers of flat-size mail must comply with USPS-T-3204 Standard. Star Poly offers USPS Postal approved polywrap and mailers that are produced with film approved for use on automation rate flat-size mailpieces in compliance with DMM standards. All our poly film and mailer bags for USPS mailing, whether it is for automation and non-automation parcels, comply to USPS Standards.

Customized Bags for Shipping

Star Poly provides customized shipping bags. Custom mailer bags are designed and created to meet the exclusive needs of the mailing company. Star Poly’s custom mailing bags are produced from robust special film to ensure that your parcel withstands rough handling and its contents are protected from the elements. With a low minimum order requirement, custom mailers are the perfect solution to enhance your image, assist in your marketing campaign and an economical shipping choice by eliminating the high prices of shipping bulky boxes.


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