Fresh frozen food is all the craze for good reason; it’s convenient and allows consumers to enjoy seasonal food all year round all across the globe. Proper packaging is critical to the success of your brand. A good bag will keep the food fresh, flavorful and visually appealing to consumers.

Star Poly has years of experience in frozen food packaging, providing freezer plastic bags for frozen fruit, bags for frozen vegetable, bags for frozen pastries, bags for frozen fish and bags for frozen meats


Frozen food packaging requires specific material to ensure that the package will sustain the freezer temperatures and resist cracking. Style, Print and Size should be chosen wisely to ensure that the packaging can withstand its weight and will not get lost in the freezer among the numerous other frozen food options.


Achieving brand recognition with a customized bag is no longer available only to the big players. Whether you want a flat bag, pouch style, zip lock or with a tear notch, Star Poly will do even small production runs.

With years of experience, Star Poly has the knowledge and capability to create the right flexible packaging solution for your frozen food product.

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