the Perfect Plastic Solution

Since its humble beginning in 1961, Star Poly has remained committed to providing only high-quality poly bags and flexible packaging solutions to its customers.

At Star Poly we offer a wide variety of flexible packaging products, allowing you to discover the perfect item to satisfy your needs. Over 55 years of experience in the poly industry has provided us with in-depth knowledge and expertise, and we are committed to use our skills to collaborate with companies to help them succeed by offering expert advice, support with product design, and high-quality products.

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It all begins
with an idea

The cycle where inspired packaging ideas takes shape.

Discover new ways to elevate your brand and stand out from competition. Star Poly is committed to helping you from the raw beginning to the very end in getting you the perfect packaging solution.

We do this through understanding your business, markets and challenges, providing insights and finding a balance between new ideas, functionality and cost efficiency to position your products for utmost success.

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