Specialty Poly Bags and Their Uses

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Specialty poly bags, food storage


If you’re in the business of selling…well, just about anything, you’ve probably already researched the different types of packaging and bags for your products. If you haven’t yet decided on what to use for your store or wares, though, you should be considering specialty poly bags. In addition to offering you the customizable options of printing your logo or branding colors on the bag, they also allow you the freedom of giving your customers bags that have been chosen to accommodate your products.

For instance, if you sell small pieces of hardware or parts, zip-lock parts bags are ideal, instead of using bags that do not seal. There are a variety of industries and products that benefit from specialty poly bags, for a number of reasons.


Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are, of course, an essential thing to have on hand for your shoppers. Depending on what you sell, different shapes and sizes might be beneficial to have on hand. For instance, bags that have handles die-cut into the tops, zip-lock bags, or garment bags on rolls all serve very different purposes when people are shopping. Having bags on hand that correspond with what you sell is ideal.


Food Storage

Specialty poly bags are used very frequently for food storage. For instance, the product bags that you get at the store are typically classified as specialty poly bags, as are bakery bags, the bags that restaurants put your leftovers in, and even sandwich bags. Printing your brand, logo, or company name on these bags helps reinforce brand recognition, since every time someone uses the bag, they’ll see your logo again. Since they can be used on any number of different food products, they’re a popular choice for the food industry.


Mailers and Newspapers

Sending out mailers or newspapers requires specialty bags as well—you’ll want something that can accommodate the unique size or shape of what you’re sending but more importantly you’ll want something that protects the contents of the bag from the elements. Specialty poly bags are great for things like newspaper because, since they sit outside until someone picks them up, the poly bag prevents them from becoming damaged from rain or snow.


Medical and Dental Poly Bags

Medical and dental bags can also be customized. Printing things like the biohazard symbol onto these specialty bags is important if the contents could be harmful, and being able to securely seal these bags is a must. From specimen bags to lab transport bags and everything in between, it’s not surprising that many professionals in the dental and medical fields choose specialty poly bags.

If you’re curious about the different types of specialty poly bags available, contact Star Poly today.