Bank Deposit & Money Bags

When you’re handling your company’s money, you need a bag that is made of high-strength materials but still is discreet and tamper-evident. Star Poly Bag’s secure bag collection offers both bank deposit bags and money bags for storing and transferring money.

Our bags are utilized by banks, department stores, chain stores and supermarkets. Toll collectors also use our bags to transfer money. Our bank coin and money bags are clear and always in accordance with FRB regulations. They also have tamper-evident closures available with or without sequential tracking numbers on the bag and a tear-off receipt.

Our Secure Money Bags

As part of our secure bag collection, we offer:

  • Bank coin bags – When you need to store coins, our bags provide the sturdiness and protection you need to make sure nothing happens to your money.
  • Deposit and currency bags – Our deposit and currency money bags are designed with exceptional strength while preventing any outside interference. Your cash can be safeguarded and easily transferred.

With any of our secure money bags, we offer the option for customized labels to be added. We also offer generic bags if you’re not looking for a special label.

Tamper-Evident Bags for Safety

When your company needs a secure, tamper-free bag for its banking needs, Star Poly Bag can help. We offer currency, deposit and bank coin bags that keep your money safe and secure. We offer some of the highest strength bags available that are designed specially to hold bills and coins.

Since 1961, Star Poly Bag has been helping customers with their plastic bag needs. We believe in all of our products, and we’re willing to show you that by offering you a free sample from our secure bag collection.

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