Patient Belonging Bags

When your patients enter your hospital, they’ll need peace of mind that their valuables are safe during whatever procedures they are undergoing. Star Poly Bag’s patient belonging bags provide the security and protection your patients expect.

Providing the Essentials for Patients

Patient belonging bags aren’t an option for hospital—they’re a necessity. Your patients expect a pleasant experience under the care of your professional staff. The last thing they want to worry about is the security of their belongings. High-quality plastic medical bags for patient belongings are the perfect solution for helping them feel secure.



Patient belonging bags need to be secure and functional. Star Poly’s medical bags can hold any of the patient’s valuables, including jewelry, like rings, necklaces and watches, and money. Designed with cotton drawstrings for simplified portability, the bags are also large enough to store any street clothing the patient may need to change out of before an examination or procedure.

Our bags come with tear-off receipts for optimal tracking and mistake prevention. Patients can write on them with a ballpoint pen or permanent marker to eliminate any confusion as to the owner.


Care and Consideration for Patients

When you provide your patients with Star Poly belonging bags, they’ll appreciate the added security. By properly securing patient belongings, you also reduce any lost possessions. Customize yours with your hospital’s logo and contact information for increased brand recognition.
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