Medical Waste Bags

When institutions are handling medical waste, they need to take extra sanitary and safety precautions. By using Star Poly Bag’s medical waste bags, hospitals and labs can properly dispose of their waste products.


What is Considered Medical Waste Material?

Hazardous medical waste needs to be disposed of in a proper bag for appropriate medical waste management. The government considers medical waste to be any material that could be potentially infectious or a risk to humans, animals or the environment at any point in time. These materials include:

  • Human blood and blood components, including plasma and serum
  • Human and animal waste, including blood, excretions, secretions and any items contaminated from these
  • Surgery materials, including tissues, organs and body parts
  • Surgical wastes, including soiled surgical gloves, tubes, dressings and more
  • Teeth for dentistry
  • Any bodily fluids, including blood, synovial fluid, dialysis waste, amniotic fluid, saliva, semen, vaginal secretions, pericardial fluid and more
  • Lab waste including aprons, coats and gloves
  • Any cultures, bacterium or virus stocks


Proper Disposal

When your institution handles any kind of medical waste, you need some way to dispose of it properly. Star Poly’s hazardous waste bags work for any medical waste management system. Our bags keep waste properly contained and hospital and lab staff safe from the waste’s contaminants.


Adequate Warnings

If employees unintentionally were exposed to hazardous waste, the result could be potentially deadly. That’s why your medical institution or lab needs medical waste bags in bright colors with adequate labels to prevent any accidents. Star Poly’s medical waste bags display the hazardous waste logo for easy and clear warnings. If you need specific sizes, Star Poly will work with you to find the right solution for your hospital.