Blood Collection Bags

When it comes to blood collection, your medical institution cannot leave anything to chance. When you need a solid, tamper-resistant bag for blood collection, Star Poly Bag has the right solution for you.


Uses and Applications

Blood bags can be used for both collection and transfusion purposes. Ideal for hospital settings, these blood bags are essential for day-to-day operations. They may be used during routine surgeries or more severe operations. They can also be used to store withdrawn blood from a donor.

Common uses include:

  • Blood collection
  • Blood transfers
  • I.V. bags


Blood Collection Safety

A faulty blood collection bag could literally cost someone’s life. That’s why when you’re collecting blood, you need something that is durable and secure. At Star Poly, we designed our line of blood bags to be sturdy and puncture-resistant. The proper blood bags will prevent damages and tampering. Our sterile bags come with secure closures and tubes, which are essential for blood collection purposes.


Ability to Customize Labels and Sizes

Blood bags also need to have proper labeling. Without the correct identification measures, hospital staff could administer the wrong type of blood during a surgery or transfusion. When you use our bags, you can place a label with a patient’s information. Star Poly specializes in creating standard blood bag sizes, but we also can create whatever shape you need for your institution’s blood collection need. Whether you require small or large bags, we have the capabilities to find the right solution for you. At Star Poly, we take the time to care for our customers, just as you do for the patients at your medical facility. We’ll work with you to create what you need.