Biohazard Autoclave Bags

Whether you supervise a hospital or laboratory environment, you’ll need the proper biohazard autoclave bags to protect your employees. Star Poly Bag has the right plastic autoclave bags for your institution.


Where Do You Typically Find Biohazardous Waste?

Typically, you may find biohazardous waste in hospital, pharmaceutical, university or biological laboratory settings. When employees are working in these areas, they need to properly handle and dispose of the hazardous waste. We design these plastic autoclave bags with a special film that can withstand autoclave machinery’s high temperatures. By using Star Poly’s line of biohazard autoclave bags, you can ensure they are taking all the proper lab safety measures necessary. Your institution can also use them to comply to state guidelines for sterile waste disposal.


Safety as the No. 1 Priority

When dealing with hazardous materials, your institution’s employees need to make sure they are safe at all times. By using our biohazard autoclave bags, you can provide everyone working in the lab with proper warning. Our bright orange poly bags clearly indicate that the contents are “biohazardous material to be autoclaved,” so employees can easily understand what materials should be handled with extra care. Once waste has been autoclaved, the lab workers will need some indication that the contents have been uncontaminated. Star Poly’s biohazard autoclave bags come with a special indicator strip that notifies of sterilization.


Durable Strength and Customization

When you or your employees are working with hazardous waste, you don’t want to worry that the bag may break or puncture at any point in time. At Star Poly, we construct our plastic autoclave bags from the strongest, most damage and puncture-resistant materials that your institution requires for its operations. Our biohazard autoclave bags can also be customized to showcase your institution’s logo, if you so choose.