Medical Bags

Star Poly Bag offers medical bags for all your needs. Whether you need medical waste management bags for hazardous materials or you simply need bags for securing your patients’ belongings, we are there for you.

See what types of medical bags we have to offer for your office or hospital’s needs:

Specimen Transport

High quality specimen transport bags possess double pockets to house specimens and paperwork in separate compartments, with the options of ziplock, or tape closure. These bags are available in standard in stock or customized sizes.

Patient Belonging & Valuables

Our robust bags will secure your patients’ money, jewelry and valuables. These tamper evident bags contain a tear-off tracking number receipt, preventing costly mistakes.

All patient valuable bags are customized in accordance to individual customer specs.

Blood Collection

Designed for blood banks and transfusions, our blood bags are both durable and sanitary.

Sterile Bags

Our sterile bags can be used for a wide range of biomedical operations, including sample collection.

Mortuary Bags

These plastic body bags are composed of thick poly film and approved and used by the DOD.

Medical Waste Management

Our resilient hazardous waste bags feature the infectious waste logo, helping you keep your staff safer from contamination.

Biohazard Autoclave Bags

Smartly designed, our autoclave bags are created from a special film to withstand the high temperatures of the autoclave machinery. Our bags contain a special indicator strip, which signifies the item’s sterilization. All bags are available in stock sizes and can be customized with your institution’s logo.


Reliable Quality

Since 1961, Star Poly Bag has worked to meet your needs for poly bags. For more information on Star Poly Bag’s medical bags, contact us today to request a free sample.

Our heavy-duty plastic medical bags can be customized with your hospital’s logo or label.

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