Vented Plastic Bags

Vented Poly Bags is the ideal solution for packaging items that would benefit from breathable storage. Star Poly’s vented bags offer you the opportunity to release interior air once your product is packaged. Star Poly’s vented poly bags are produced from the finest poly material to ensure durability and to be able to withstand product tampering.

Uses for Vented Plastic Bags

Vented Poly Bags are used in the food industry as a secure way to package food.  When used as hardware and apparel packaging, our customers feel confident that they are offering quality packing for their merchandise.

Customized Vented Plastic Bags

At star poly bags, we know that you want unique vented plastic bags that will help your product sell. Therefore, you will want a vented poly bag that is custom designed for you. To keep your product in its ideal state, we also offer multiple vent sizes and vent locations. Although we offer standard stock vented plastic bags and containers, we will work with you to create your design specific vented poly bags to fit your dimensions. Be creative, add your logo or a custom message to make your products stand out.

Affordable Vented Poly Bag Pricing

While our vented poly bags are high grade and attractive, our ability to offer competitive pricing is what makes Star Poly Bags one of the industry’s leading poly manufacturers. We know you like to adhere to your budget. Therefore, we strive to offer the best pricing for our customers.
To learn more about our vented poly bags, contact us or request a free sample.