T-Seal Packaging

T-seal packaging is ideal for a variety of food products, including dried fruit, candy bars and drink mixes. This design features poly materials that are folded on both the sides of the bag, as well as the top or bottom.  Whether you need to package cookies, coffee or any other snack, Star Poly Bag produces t-seal packaging that is both functional and eye catching to make your snacks shine.


Packaging For All Your Snack Packaging

To develop your packaging designs, we’ll work with you to produce an attractive, ingenious design that draws in consumers. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, t-seal packaging designs also keep products fresh for maximum shelf life. At Star Poly Bag, we only utilize the leading, high-quality packaging materials that adhere to FDA standards, so you can trust that your products have exceptional are properly preserved.


Customized Designs

The best t-seal packaging designs reflect the product inside. At Star Poly Bag, we can produce one-of-a-kind snack bag designs by utilizing our eight-color printing technology. Whether you want your logo, special markings or any other design features on your t-seal packages, our team can bring your vision to life. In addition to our customized t-seal packaging designs, we also offer generic, unprinted options, too.


Your Packaging Team

Since 1961, Star Poly Bag has been fulfilling poly bag orders for leading companies throughout the country. Today, our operations are as advanced as ever, and our team will work with you to develop the t-seal packaging design you need. We have the technology and skilled team of professionals to process both small and large orders, all without the sacrificing attention to detail. Want to see a real-life example of our t-seal packaging capabilities? We’ll happily send you a sample so you can see our high-quality poly materials for yourself.

Contact our team to get started on your t-seal packaging project.