Small & Large Ziplock Bags

Zipper Packaging has been gaining popularity due to customers increasing demand for tamper-proof packaging while still having the opportunity to showcase their packaged product.  Star Poly presents the ideal option in the form of the tamper-evident bottom loading zip lock bag.

Storage for Food Items with Zipper Packaging

Star Poly’s ziplock bags are composed of high quality poly material. Star Poly’s ziplock bags can lengthen the shelf life of your food product while still keeping it tamper-free. Because your customers like to know exactly what they are purchasing, our poly ziplock bags come in transparent options too.

More Uses for Zipper Packaging

Star Poly’s ziplock bags are ideal for hardware storage. Your customer can be assured that they are receiving the correct count and the product has not been tampered with. When used in the medical field, zipper packaging bags are a very safe method of transport for specimen. In the apparel industry, ziplock bags are the perfect way to display and sell clothing.

Customizable Bags of all Sizes

At Star Poly Bags, we know that there is no “one size fits all” bag. You want the size of the bag to fit your needs. Therefore we offer a wide range of bags, both in small and large options. For standard foods, we offer stock packaging. However, we can work with you to create custom sized bags to fit your product dimensions.

To meet your name branding and marketing needs, we will work with you to custom design your ziplock bag imprinted with a logo or design of your choice.

Pricing Fit For Your Company’s Needs

If you think zipper bags are not a feasible packing option because it is too costly, think again. At star poly bags, our line of ziplock poly bags are both cost effective and budget friendly without sacrificing quality. To meet your quantity needs, we offer the option of completing large and small runs.

Interested in our zipper packaging capabilities? Contact us today to find out more about our ziplock bag solution for you.