Gusseted Poly Snack Bags

Gusseted poly bags provide the ideal packaging solution can be used to for items like bread, candy, popcorn and many snack items. At Star Poly Bag, we provide the food grade plastic packaging designs that leading companies for their snack items.

Versatile Bag Usage

When you need to package your snack products in a strong, durable bag, Star Poly Bag has you covered. Our gusseted bags are available in both light and heavy gauge thicknesses, and the expandable flaps on the sides of the bags allow for various food product sizes, as well as large quantities.  No matter what type of snack products you need to package, our gusseted poly bag is the perfect packaging solution.

Exceptional Food Sanitation

As consumers are looking for snacks, they’ll want products that has high quality packaging that ensures the products have exceptional freshness. Star Poly Bag provides gusseted poly bags to leading food manufacturers to preserve their food. Our food grade plastic packaging adheres to FDA standards, making it the clear choice for your snack products. When you use our high-strength and tamper-resistant bags for your products, customers will notice your high-quality packaging and be impressed.

Customized Poly Bag Solutions

Your products are one of a kind, so you’ll need a gusseted poly bag design to match. When you work with the Star Poly Bag team, we’ll consult with you to produce the packaging design you have in mind for your food products.  Utilizing our eight-color printer, we can apply specialty logos or markings to your bag to help them stand out on the shelves. We can also produce custom- and standard-sized gusseted poly bags for your snacks.

What To Expect from Star Poly Bag

Star Poly has been producing leading food-grade plastic packaging since 1961. Now, we’ve greatly expanded our services and capabilities, but one thing remains the same: our level of care for every client order we process. Our team will work with you to develop a gusseted poly bag design that fits your needs. Whether you’re seeking a stock or customized bag, our team can provide you with a solution.

To learn more about our gusseted poly bags for snacks, contact us today.