Grocery/Produce Bags

As customers shop in the produce section of the grocery store, they will need a bag to store their items, withstand outside tampering, and keep their produce fresh. To meet their needs, you will need high-grade produce bags. At star Poly bags, we construct our plastic bags from the highest quality materials to satisfy your customer’s needs and to establish your reputation as an excellent grocer.

After purchasing their groceries, your customers need poly bags to store their items safely and securely. Our grocery bags are constructed from leading poly materials for remarkable strength so that your shopper’s products are secure.


Customized Produce Bag Options

Because our poly bags are reusable, utilize opportunity for to create brand recognition and marketing. At star poly bags, we specialize in creating personalized and unique plastic grocery bags in the color of your choice. Be creative, add a unique message to attract customer’s attention. We can add your logo or imprint using our 8-10 color printer.  Star Poly’s grocery and produce bags can be manufactured in large and small runs to fit your quantity needs.

Ready to learn more about our grocery and produce bag capabilities. Contact us today to discuss your options.