General Food Bags

You only offer the highest-quality food, so why should your food packaging bags be anything less than that? Star Poly Bag takes as much pride in our food bags as you do in your products.

Modern Packaging Options

Food packaging bag is constantly changing.  At Star Poly, we know your food packaging needs may not be the same as they were years ago. That’s why we offer the most up-to-date food packaging bags to meet your needs. When you need to choose the right packaging option for your company’s food products, the different options on the market may overwhelm you. Star Poly is dedicated to making this process as simple for you as possible by offering quality custom and standard options.

Unique Designs

Star Poly goes above and beyond to offer you the latest food packaging options. Whether you need a standard bag for potato chips or a customized pouch bag for trail mix, Star Poly has an extensive collection of food packaging bags for your company’s products. We offer an extensive array of plastic packaging bas including flat zip lock bags and standing pouch bags for a variety of food items like granola. We know how important it is for your company’s brand to stand out from other food products on the shelves, which is why we offer custom solutions for your individual product. Our eight-color printing system can create high-quality labels for your bags or pouches.

Freshness for Your Food

At Star Poly, we construct our products to have a long shelf life. The sealing on our food bags creates a strong barrier from outside tampering.  We design all of our food packaging with outstanding materials for the highest level of freshness. Contact us to request a free sample of Star Poly’s..

What We Offer

We offer companies food packaging bags like: