Frozen Food Bags

Frozen prepared meals are a popular option for many consumers. Convenient packaging options and easy preparation are key for frozen products. More than packaging your frozen products, proper packaging will help keep your products fresh and flavorful. Our frozen food packaging bags are perfect for frozen fruits, vegetables and breakfast sandwiches, as well as ready-made meals.


Freshness as a Top Priority

When your product is stored in a freezer case, you need to know it is in a food packaging that protects it from freezer burn and spoilage. Star Poly Bag understands you want a high-strength food bag to protect your products from potential damage that may negatively impact the integrity of your product. Additionally, we understand that when you produce a frozen food product, you want it to have a longer shelf life. Our bags are engineered specifically to keep frozen products fresh for extended periods of time, something your customers expect when shopping for frozen food.


Frozen Food Options

At Star Poly, we can create the right frozen food packaging bag for your products. Whether you want a standard, a pouch-style or even a package with a zip lock, we have the right food bag for you. Whichever option you choose, you’ll know we made it with the best poly materials available, so you can be assured that the quality of your product will be superior and consistent.


Personalize Your Products

We know how easy it could be for your product to get lost in the freezer among the numerous other frozen food options. That’s why at Star Poly, we can customize your bag to create a crisp appearance, complete with your company’s label and design. We want your product to have brand recognition with consumers, and with our eight-color printing personalization options, we can do just that for you.

To learn more about our high-quality frozen food bags, contact us today.