Bakery Bags

At Star Poly Bag, we understand how important it is for you to package your bakery items in secure packaging for maximum freshness, all while meeting food safe standards and your budget.

Our Products

Whether you are packaging bread, cookies and other bakery products, we understand that you need the best packaging for protecting and insuring the freshness of your product. At Star Poly, we help our customers design the best and safest packaging options.

Our bakery packaging products are perfect for:

  • Bread – Packaging for freshly baked bread to create ideal freshness
  • Rolls – For both small and large orders of rolls
  • Cookies – Custom sizes for single item or group packaging
  • Bagels – Transparent to keep bagels soft and properly displayed


Our Commitment

Since 1961, Star Poly has been committed to our customers’ needs first and foremost. Even though we have grown since then, we still care about our customers as much as we did when we were first starting out. While some larger companies many not have time to give attention to little details, we still address even the smallest concerns to meet our customers’ poly food bag needs as much as we can.


Packaging to Fit Your Budget

Whether you’re a large-scale company or a mom-and-pop corner bakery, you need to have the most cost-efficient packaging options. At Star Poly, we’re dedicated to providing you as cost-effective of a price as possible. Whether you need a smaller order or a more large-scale one, we’ll work with you to find plastic bags in your price range.


Freshness You Can Count On

You don’t want to risk your reputation as a company with flimsy, low-grade plastic bakery packaging bags. Our high-clarity bags provide the transparency your customers want when purchasing a bakery item. With the proper packaging from Star Poly, your products will be as fresh as the day you baked them. Star Poly creates the products that fit your company’s requirements.