Plastic Food Bags

At Star Poly Bag, we take pride in our numerous options for high-quality plastic food bags.

Since 1961, Star Poly Bag has been creating custom manufacturing packaging options, so you know we have the experience you need as you’re choosing a company to produce your food packaging bags.

Stand Out from the Competition

When you display your product, you want something that makes your it stand out from all the others, all while displaying essential information about the product, such as ingredients and food labels. Star Poly Bag provides meticulous attention to detail, assisting in the design of the bag and style selected, all while bringing artwork and logos to life. This is why we offer incredible customizable options for all of our food bags. With crisp, clear artwork, your products will stand out on shelves and displays.

Food Bags Both Big and Small

Our bags are designed to cater to many different types of food industry clients, including supermarkets and restaurants. Companies use our bags for various fresh and frozen foods, including bread, granola, cookies, tortilla chips and popcorn, because they know our food packaging offers the high levels of freshness and security they need for their product.

At Star Poly Bag, we have the capabilities to offer our products in both small and large orders. We try to cater as best as we can to our clients’ needs, and we can do the same for you.

What We Offer

We offer companies food packaging bags like:

Only FDA-approved film is used in our food bags. Our custom bags are an excellent option for ensuring product freshness and superior shelf-life. From protective and barrier films, to frozen food packaging, we can customize our bags to your specific product.

Our Selection of Food Packaging Bags

Star Poly Bag has the resources to handle large packaging projects without sacrificing attention to detail. This means we are willing to make changes larger companies may not have time to do.

Star Poly Bag has the plastic bag manufacturing experience you can count on to help produce your company’s food packaging. Want to learn more about Star Poly Bag’s exceptional food bag quality, or request a free sample? Contact us today.

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