Printed Plastic Bags

Your products are unique and high quality—so when you ship them to customers, you’ll need a printed plastic shipping bag to match. Star Poly Bag is a poly-packaging expert, creating bag solutions for customers in all industries. See how our printed plastic bags can transform the way you think about shipping your products.


Customization with Printed Plastic Bags

Your plastic bags need to display your products in an attractive, professional way that establishes your company’s brand. Star Poly specializes in creating custom printed plastic bags with sleek style. We can create a bag design for you with any logo, label or special markings to relay information about the products inside or about your company in general. If you need a bag to ship items that are irregularly shaped or ones that do not fit in stock sizes, we can also create a customized poly bag to fit the specific dimensions you need.


Shipping with Style and Integrity

When customers order your products, you’ll want to ship your products in a bag that lets them know their products are in the desired condition. Our high-strength bags create credibility for your company. All of our bags are constructed from the leading poly materials to ensure your items are properly preserved during transportation.


Dedication and Care for Our Customers

Since 1961, we’ve been creating poly bags for business’ shipping needs. While we have since expanded our business, we haven’t compromised our attention to detail and care for each order.

Not sure whether you need a stock or customized-sized printed plastic bag? We’re here to help you create packaging that works for you. Our team of poly bag specialists will work with you, asking the necessary questions to determine what bag design will work best for shipping your products.

To learn more about our custom printed poly bags or to speak to a packaging expert, contact us today.