Poly Mailer Bags

When you are shipping items to your customers, you’ll want to make sure the product makes it to their intended destination in the exact condition you sent them. This means you’ll need poly mailer bags that have exceptional strength while maintaining visual appeal. At Star Poly Bag, we design all our mailer bags to be tear- and tamper-proof, effectively withstanding any rips or outside damages from during transportation and delivery. Our bags are also moisture resistant yet made for ink, stamps and labels to easily adhere.


High-Strength Clear Poly Mailing Bags

Your products need packaging that doesn’t compromise protection for design. Our clear mailer bags are ideal for mailing catalogs, brochures and promotional materials. W also offer white/grey mailer bags ideal for shipping products that need exceptional protection during the shipping process. Our mailing bags are lightweight in design, reducing your shipping costs in comparison to heavier containers.


Customization Options

Oftentimes, when shipping items, you will need a bag that is specific to your products. Ecommerce companies rely on durable, yet branded poly bags to ship products directly to customers. At Star Poly, we offer mailer bags that are customizable. We can create the sizes you need to make your packaging and shipping easier. For enhanced personalization, we can print any logos, labels or other markings you need for brand recognition or indication as to what’s packaged inside. If you need unprinted mailer bags, we also offer those, too. Our line of stock poly bags is ideal for companies who need poly mailer bags for packaging products.


Commitment to Our Customers

When you work with a poly bag company, you’ll want to make sure they have the specialized expertise to complete your mailing bag order to your stipulations. Star Poly first began creating packaging solutions in 1961, so you can be assured that we have the experience to design your mailer bags, both stock and custom, exactly as the way you want them. Although our company has expanded since we started, we still treat every order with the same care and attention to detail as we did from day one.

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