Custom Plastic Shipping Bags

When you need to mail out your company’s products, you need a poly bag that is USPS-approved, highly secure and printed with your company’s logo for easy identification. At Star Poly Bag, we specialize in creating customized poly bags that offer superior protection, allowing your products to arrive safely.


Wide Selection of Poly Mailer Bags

We are excited to offer you the finest poly mailer bags, both printed and unprinted. Our selection of shipping bags include:

  • Mailer bags – A mailer bag is the ideal way to mail your catalog and brochures, preventing damage from rips or rainwater. Choose from our standard postal-approved material mailer bags or customize to print your own promotional message.
  • Printed/unprinted bags – When you want a mailer bag, you may also need a special label or logo printed on it. At Star Poly Bag, we can meet this need. If you want a standard, unprinted bag, we can provide this, too.
  • USPS-approved bags – As you ship your bags, you need to make sure it is in accordance with USPS shipping standards. We want to make sure your products are both secure and safely shipped, which is why we offer USPS-approved bags.

Care for the Customer

Since 1961, Star Poly Bag has been providing customers with customized orders of printed bags, all while paying specific attention to the specifications they need. Now we’re proud to offer expanded services along with the careful attention to detail and high level of customer service our customers have known for decades.

See what we can do for you. For a sample of our USPS-approved printed poly bags, contact us today.