Printed Plastic Bags Give Patients A Sense of Security

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hospital stays are stressful, especially when they span enough time to require the patient to store personal belongings in their rooms. Give patients extra peace of mind they’ll appreciate with sealable, labeled personal belongings bags.  When patients have a safe place to keep their things while they’re in the hospital, it can reduce the amount of anxiety they experience, since they have one less thing to worry about.

Furthermore, it allows hospitals and doctor’s offices to extend their branding past their office walls—when patients leave and take their things with them, other people may see the logo printed on the bag and infer that the facility is a trustworthy place for medical care. When you use secure, tamper-evident bags in a medical setting, it can also prevent the contents from being accessed by the wrong people.













Providing Comfort and Security

Giving tamper-evident bags to patients can give them a sense of security while they are staying in a hospital. Having a safe space to store their valuables—in a bag that they can label with their information in case they are moved to a different room—gives patients the feeling that they are more than just a bed in a hospital.

This also allows hospital rooms to remain a bit more organized and clean. If patients have a place to store their things, they wont be strewn about the room, unorganized and unlabeled. Give your patients the peace of mind they deserve by offering them personal belongings plastic bags they can keep their things in.


Preventing Contamination from Biohazard Materials

Another reason using plastic bags can give your patients a sense of safety and security is that they are designed to be resistant to tearing or leaking, which makes them ideal for specimen transport, autoclaved materials, hazardous waste, and mortuary bags—in other words, because these bags are all designed to keep their contents from getting out, they keep hospital patients safe from contamination.

Offering people who patronize your hospital or facility the safety they deserve is easy when you use personalized plastic bags that are durable, made with quality materials, and built to resist tampering or leaking. Keep branding consistent and keep patients safe with plastic and poly bags.