Grab Shopper Attention with Eye-Catching Poly Bags for Foods

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

People in grocery stores have a vast selection to choose from when they’re buying any given product. Think of what it’s like walking through the bread aisle at your local supermarket—countless brands and different types of bread. Unless a customer has a favorite type, it’s nearly impossible to tell one from another.

There are, however, a few brands that strive to make a name for themselves, and in doing so, use different, more unique packaging for their products at the grocery store.  The way they do this is by using custom printed poly bags. Using custom printed bags shows off a bit of style, and if you use a photo, also allows consumers the knowledge of not just what’s inside the package, but what it looks like.

Tempt Your Audience

When you show a photo of your product or use a plastic bag that allows consumers to see exactly what the food they are buying looks like, you are playing into their appetite. When someone goes to the grocery store and isn’t sure of a specific brand they might prefer, packaging comes into play. People who don’t know a lot about wine, for example, will typically choose the bottle with the most interesting or entertaining label.

Similarly, if someone doesn’t know much about a certain product and doesn’t have a strong preference for one brand over another, the interesting package will often win out.  Make your package the most interesting package on the shelf, and you might see your business grow over time.

Choose Better Quality Packaging

When your business uses custom printed poly bags to market your products, not only will potential customers have a better idea of what they’re getting, but it gives you a chance to present your brand in a better, more interesting light.  Furthermore, using higher quality packaging materials can preserve the quality of the food that you are packaging, keeping it fresher and safer longer.

Don’t settle for the cheapest or plainest packaging simply because you feel it’s “good enough.” Take pride in your product and make customers want to purchase your brand instead of the brands next to it on shelves.  Use resealable or custom printed plastic and poly bags, and enjoy grabbing shoppers’ attention.