How to Choose the Thicknesses for Your Poly Bags

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Food products often use custom poly bags with thin to medium gauge thickness.

Every product needs a different level of packaging protection and thicknesses. Some need heavy gauge bags for enhanced security, while others need much less. Follow our guide to determine which gauge bag will work best for your products.


Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Poly Bag Thickness

As you consider which type of plastic bag thickness will work best to package your products, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the weight of the items that will be packaged inside the bags?—This is one of the most important factors to examine when deciding on the thickness of your custom poly bags’ gauge. Heavier products will require thicker gauges, while lighter items can be packaged bags of thin or medium thickness.
  • Will these bags be reused?—Bags that are frequently reused are often composed of a higher gauge material. Thin gauge bags often work best for items with a one-time use.
  • How much protection should the bag provide?—Some items, like breads or clothing don’t require high levels of protection. Others, however, need bags with strength that safeguards from punctures and more. Tooling and other products could easily tear a thin gauge bag, so they will need a very thick bag for the maximum level of protection.


Choosing a Gauge for Your Poly Bags

Now that you have evaluated what your poly bag needs are, you can work with your poly bag manufacturer to choose the appropriate gauge to package your products. Examine the following thicknesses for a custom poly bag designs:


Thin Gauge

Average thickness: Zero to two millimeters

Best used for: Light retail items, trade show bags, bakery items

Lighter items, like jewelry or bread, do not need thick poly bag designs—especially because the bags will not be reused over an extended period of time.


Medium Gauge

Average thickness: Two to four millimeters

Best used for: Food items, hardware, clothing, some shipping bags

Many food items require medium gauge bags for increased protection. Medium gauge bags also provide additional resistance from scuffs and tears during the shipping process.


Heavy Gauge

Average thickness: Four to six millimeters

Best used for: Stones, soil, liquids, industrial tooling

Poly bags with gauges ranging anywhere from four to six millimeters work best for products that are heavy in weight. Liquids also need bags that are thick enough to hold the products without leaking.

Want to learn more about gauge thickness for poly bags? Get in touch with Star Poly Bag today. Our poly bag manufacturers will help you develop a customized design that is appropriate for your products’ weight and protection needs.