How Can Using Customized Food Packaging Bags Strengthen Your Brand?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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If you own a bakery or sell baked goods anywhere else, you know that getting your name out there is all about word of mouth. And while it’s great to let your product speak for itself, it’s never a bad idea to give people something extra to remember you by.

Printing your logo onto food packaging bags is one way of doing just that—by establishing a brand on the packaging you send with your customers, you not only give them a way to keep your name in mind—which is especially important if they’re not regular customers—but you also show off your name to anyone who happens to see their bag.  By using customized food packaging, you can strengthen your brand.


Maintain Product Quality

By using customized food packaging poly bags for your products, you give customers a way to transport your goods that ensures the product stays safe and uncontaminated until the customer gets to their destination.  For example, if you served your products and only gave customers a paper lunch-bag style package to take along with them, your product could get stale by the time they get to where they need to be.

Using sealable bags may also mean you can sell your product longer—prepackaged in zipper bags, your product can stay fresh, rather than languishing in a pastry case and going bad by the end of the business day. Not only can using custom plastic bags preserve the quality of your product, it can make sure people remember where they bought something they loved.


Get the Word Out About Your Business

Printing your logo and business name on poly bags is another great way that using customization can boost your brand’s strength. If you give out nondescript packaging with your product, people may share your goods with others but be unable to recall the name of the place they picked it up. For instance, if a customer stops in and buys a dozen pastries and brings them to their office, but they don’t typically go to your store, they may not remember where the pastries are from.

Don’t let your business be referred to as “that place down the street”—give your customers the opportunity to share your product and sing your praises by printing your company’s logo on your bags.  Custom plastic bags make it easier for your customers to remember you by name and spread the word