Benefits of Using Your Brand’s Logo on Shopping Bags

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Retail shopping bags with custom logo


Going to the grocery store or out for a day of shopping is a common thing for most everyone at some point. While some stores use generic bags that have “Thank You” or a smiley face printed on them, stores that use their logo or branding on them are infinitely more memorable. For instance, bags that read “small brown bag” (or “medium” or “large”) on them are practically synonymous for Bloomingdale’s.

Using your branding and logo on your shopping bag is a way to get free advertising—anyone carrying your bag out of the store shows off your logo, which may stick in the mind of passersby.  But there are plenty of reasons to use your logo on bags besides free advertising.


Establishing Your Business as More Upscale

Businesses that use branded plastic bags may be able to establish themselves as a more upscale company. For instance, using bags that are tailored specifically to your company shows people that you are a reliable business that will be around for a while—if you weren’t confident in your business’ success, you wouldn’t invest the money in promoting the brand.

Consumers who carry these bags reinforce that notion—generally speaking, people don’t want to shop at stores they don’t trust or feel confident in. When they use your bag and show off your logo, they’re showing other people that yours is a brand that they too can trust.


Showcasing Your Dedication to Your Company

In the same vein, using branded packaging like shopping bags shows that you are dedicated to promoting your company. It shows that you are a savvy business owner who is tuned into finding different ways to get the word out about your store. It says that in addition to thinking about ways to keep your customers happy, you want to make sure you’re around for a long time to keep doing so. Showing that you’re invested in the success of your business is important.


Building Potential for Repeat Customers

Finally, when you print your logo onto retail shopping bags, you’re paving the way for having potential repeat customers. Imagine this scenario: someone shops in and has a good experience at your store. They take their shopping bags home, and instead of throwing the bags out, they save them, as many people do. A few weeks later, they need a bag to bring something to a friends house, or to bring their lunch to work—any situation that might warrant having a little extra storage with them.

They pick up the bag they saved from your store, and perhaps seeing the logo reminds them that they need something your business sells. While it may seem like a bit of a stretch, the truth is that brand remembrance is big when it comes to establishing repeat customers. They might remember the experience they had at your shop, being able to find what they were looking for, the nice cashier who rang up their purchase, etc.

Simply seeing the logo of the story might jog their memory enough to make them want to make a return visit. Now isn’t that worth the investment?