The Advantages of Bulk and Wholesale Poly Bag Designs


As you’re searching for the perfect poly bag, you may be trying to decide which route you want to take: purchasing poly bags that are customized, or choosing wholesale designs. While customized bag shapes have their advantages, bulk designs can also be highly beneficial for companies. At Star Poly Bag, we have produced multiple wholesale poly bags for various products. Here, we’ve outlined some of the benefits of this bag design. See if bulk bags could work best for your company.


Cost Affordable

In today’s economic climate, companies and organizations are searching for ways to eliminate unnecessary costs. When you buy poly bags in bulk or at wholesale prices, you can greatly reduce the cost of packaging and ultimately transfer those cost savings to your customers by lowering the price of your products.


Variety of Options

When you work with your poly bag manufacturer, they will be able to offer you a variety of bag styles to fit your needs. No matter what industry you need to use for your bulk or wholesale poly bag order, you’ll be able to find a design that fits your needs, such as:

Proper Sizing

As you examine the various options you have for bulk or wholesale bags, you’ll soon see that you’ll also be able to choose from a variety of sizes. For example, bags for food items will often be available in small, medium and large sizes. In retail settings, you’ll see that you can choose from multiple styles and sizes. Work with your poly bag manufacturer to decide which size will work best for your particular products.

Branding Your Bags

Even though you’ve decided to buy your poly bags in bulk sizes, you can always add customized markings to customize the designs. Because you chose a cost-effective wholesale bag, adding logos or other designs will not greatly increase your poly bag design. This way, your products will have added noticeability on the shelves—without a drastic increase in prices.

To learn more about wholesale bags, contact the Star Poly Bag team. We offer wholesale and customized poly bag designs for various industries.

Trade show bags create memorable impressions with potential clients.

Trade shows offer companies an exceptional way to grow their business. At these events, you can display your exceptional products, as well as your leading knowledge of the industry. Because trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to network, you’ll want to put your best image forward to potential customers—and using custom poly bags is one of the most effective ways you can do this. Learn some of the benefits of creating trade show bags and how they can ultimately increase your business.


Present a Professional Image for Your Company

You participate in trade shows to establish your company as a leader in your industry, so you’ll want your poly bags to match. Simply offering plain poly bags will not produce the same level of professionalism as bags that are customized specifically to your company. In fact, a well-designed poly bag will speak volumes about your brand and attention to detail. As you work with your poly bag manufacturer, discuss how you can develop a bag design. Your bags will especially making a lasting impression if they are customized with bright, noticeable colors or a unique design.


Affordable Advertising

Advertising your company’s products or services can become expensive. As a result, your company must constantly be searching for the most cost-affordable way to promote yourself. By offering customized poly bag designs at trade shows, you can advertise your company—at a very low cost and without much effort. Make sure to include basic contact information, such as a phone number or website address, on your poly bags so those interested in your company can easily get into contact with you.


Increase Brand Awareness

With so many companies at trade shows, you’ll need a way to stand out from the other businesses there. When you offer those who visit your booth a poly bag customized with your logo or other markings, your brand will be more likely to stick with them. Customized poly bags also seamlessly tie in with your advertising plans to strengthen your branding efforts that much more.


Valuable Giveaway to Customers

Consumers love free giveaways or any other small add-ons. You can offer those who visit your stand a bag filled with small items, such as pens or notepads, with your company’s name. This small effort can make a big difference on their impression of your company. Every time they use your bag again, they’ll be reminded of your company and may be more likely to support your brand over time.

To learn more about the advantages of trade show bags, get in touch with Star Poly Bag today. Our team of poly bag manufacturers can help you develop the customized design you need to creating a lasting impression.

Food products often use custom poly bags with thin to medium gauge thickness.

Every product needs a different level of packaging protection and thicknesses. Some need heavy gauge bags for enhanced security, while others need much less. Follow our guide to determine which gauge bag will work best for your products.


Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Poly Bag Thickness

As you consider which type of plastic bag thickness will work best to package your products, ask yourself the following questions:


Choosing a Gauge for Your Poly Bags

Now that you have evaluated what your poly bag needs are, you can work with your poly bag manufacturer to choose the appropriate gauge to package your products. Examine the following thicknesses for a custom poly bag designs:


Thin Gauge

Average thickness: Zero to two millimeters

Best used for: Light retail items, trade show bags, bakery items

Lighter items, like jewelry or bread, do not need thick poly bag designs—especially because the bags will not be reused over an extended period of time.


Medium Gauge

Average thickness: Two to four millimeters

Best used for: Food items, hardware, clothing, some shipping bags

Many food items require medium gauge bags for increased protection. Medium gauge bags also provide additional resistance from scuffs and tears during the shipping process.


Heavy Gauge

Average thickness: Four to six millimeters

Best used for: Stones, soil, liquids, industrial tooling

Poly bags with gauges ranging anywhere from four to six millimeters work best for products that are heavy in weight. Liquids also need bags that are thick enough to hold the products without leaking.

Want to learn more about gauge thickness for poly bags? Get in touch with Star Poly Bag today. Our poly bag manufacturers will help you develop a customized design that is appropriate for your products’ weight and protection needs.

Poly bags with customized branding can enhance brand recognition with consumers

Many companies today have found when they are searching for packaging for their products, printed bag designs provide exceptional benefits. Whether you need to use poly bags for food or retail settings, custom poly bags provide the solution you need. See why investing in printed poly bag designs can help enhance your brand recognition with consumers, differentiate the various products you offer and provide an easy marketing opportunity.


1) Brand Recognition

A company’s logo is one of the most important foundations because that’s what consumers remember. In grocery stores, you always recognize key brands because of the customized poly bags in which they’ve packaged their products. While clear bags adequately protect products, they don’t create the connection with consumers. You can have your poly bag manufacturer add in a logo or any printings you need to help create a memorable impression. When consumers see your printed bags customized specifically to your company’s products, they’ll be reminded of how much they enjoy your brand and will be more inclined to purchase your goods.


2) Product Differentiation

Many companies offer variations of the same product. For example, you might offer two types of granola. Without proper indication through packaging designs, though, customers may not recognize the difference in each—and they may be less likely to purchase them. By using printed bags for your products, you can clearly showcase each one in a unique way. You can even create brand loyalty for each product you sell by designing a memorable packaging design for each item.


3) Marketing Method for the Retail Industry

You undoubtedly have marketing efforts in place for your products and services, but have you considered how printed poly bags can play into this plan? Using printed poly bags with your logo or company name may be a small change, but it can make a big impact on your business. For example, consumers often reuse grocery and shopping poly bags as impromptu lunch bags or simply to transport items, like gym clothes or laundry. The more often they use poly bags printed with your logo, the more the user, as well as those around them, will be reminded of your company’s products. You’ll then increase your brand recognition without any additional marketing efforts on your end. Even if you simply need to ship out clothing or other items, when you package them in a poly shipping bag complete with your logo, consumers will see your branding and be more likely to subconsciously remember your company and continue doing business with you.

For more information on the benefits of printed poly bags, contact Star Poly Bag’s team of specialists.

Retail shopping bags with custom logo


Going to the grocery store or out for a day of shopping is a common thing for most everyone at some point. While some stores use generic bags that have “Thank You” or a smiley face printed on them, stores that use their logo or branding on them are infinitely more memorable. For instance, bags that read “small brown bag” (or “medium” or “large”) on them are practically synonymous for Bloomingdale’s.

Using your branding and logo on your shopping bag is a way to get free advertising—anyone carrying your bag out of the store shows off your logo, which may stick in the mind of passersby.  But there are plenty of reasons to use your logo on bags besides free advertising.


Establishing Your Business as More Upscale

Businesses that use branded plastic bags may be able to establish themselves as a more upscale company. For instance, using bags that are tailored specifically to your company shows people that you are a reliable business that will be around for a while—if you weren’t confident in your business’ success, you wouldn’t invest the money in promoting the brand.

Consumers who carry these bags reinforce that notion—generally speaking, people don’t want to shop at stores they don’t trust or feel confident in. When they use your bag and show off your logo, they’re showing other people that yours is a brand that they too can trust.


Showcasing Your Dedication to Your Company

In the same vein, using branded packaging like shopping bags shows that you are dedicated to promoting your company. It shows that you are a savvy business owner who is tuned into finding different ways to get the word out about your store. It says that in addition to thinking about ways to keep your customers happy, you want to make sure you’re around for a long time to keep doing so. Showing that you’re invested in the success of your business is important.


Building Potential for Repeat Customers

Finally, when you print your logo onto retail shopping bags, you’re paving the way for having potential repeat customers. Imagine this scenario: someone shops in and has a good experience at your store. They take their shopping bags home, and instead of throwing the bags out, they save them, as many people do. A few weeks later, they need a bag to bring something to a friends house, or to bring their lunch to work—any situation that might warrant having a little extra storage with them.

They pick up the bag they saved from your store, and perhaps seeing the logo reminds them that they need something your business sells. While it may seem like a bit of a stretch, the truth is that brand remembrance is big when it comes to establishing repeat customers. They might remember the experience they had at your shop, being able to find what they were looking for, the nice cashier who rang up their purchase, etc.

Simply seeing the logo of the story might jog their memory enough to make them want to make a return visit. Now isn’t that worth the investment?

Wholesale Bags for retail

When you run a retail business, shopping bags that are customized to showcase your branding and logo are an important aspect when it comes to promotion and advertising your business. That said, not every supplier of wholesale bags for retail is the same. When you’re sourcing a manufacturer for your retail bags, there are some key things that you should look for in a supplier.

Versatility and Variety

Perhaps the first thing you should look for is the amount of options you’ll have to choose from. For instance, the size of bags you want may vary depending on the type of products you sell—grocery stores use different sized bags than, for instance, record stores or cosmetics boutiques.

Some suppliers offer a limited selection of poly bags, so it’s essential to research what a company offers. For instance, at Star Poly, we are proud to offer our clients a wide selection of bags that suit a number of needs, including but not limited to:


Customer Care

When you’re looking for a company to make custom bags, it’s essential that you have confidence in their customer service.  Some companies will rush you through the buying process, maintain very little communication throughout the entire job, and if you have any concerns, questions, they can be dismissive or unresponsive.

It’s important to work with a business that not only produces great work and has a lot of options for the products they can offer you, but is also dedicated to providing great customer service. Look for a company who will be able to show you their line of work, including examples of past work, and one who is willing to work with you so you get the best possible bag.

Turnaround Time and Convenience

Finally, you’ll want to pay attention to how quick a company can produce your bags. A team of designers and other workers on hand and ready to work is key in this process, and the convenience of a quick turnaround is something you’ll surely love.

At Star Poly, we have multiple machines to work on our projects so that we can deliver your order sooner.  We offer overnight delivery and even immediate availability on specialty orders, and with a wide range of products available, we’ll make sure you’re ready to go in no time.

Custom Poly Bags for retail stores


Building brand recognition doesn’t have to be as hard as you think it is. But when you’re trying to attract customers and repeat customers, it’s important that you have everything they might need from your store, and that includes a bag that properly contains the things they purchase from you. For instance, if you run a record store, stocking small bags that don’t hold your products is not what you want to be doing.

Similarly, if you’re a cosmetics boutique, it’s important to have a range of different-sized bags so that your customers who buy a little or a lot all have a convenient, appropriately sized package to take with them.

Using specialized wholesale bags for your wares is not only a great way to give your customers a top-notch experience, but it’s a way to add your logo and branding to something they’ll take along with them for potential customers to easily see. In other words, it’s nearly-free promotional material!

Different Types of Custom Poly Bags

When you’re choosing custom retail packaging for your products, you may need more than one size. No matter what you need, printing your logo and branding on a bag is a great way to customize the shopping experience.

You should look for a company that offers a wide range of bag types and sizes, so that you can have the best possible packaging to send your customers home with. At Star Poly, we offer our customers a range of different custom wholesale bags for their shops, ensuring you’ll be able to find what you need. For instance, you can get custom shopping bags such as:

These are just a handful of the options we offer for custom wholesale bags. Sending customers off with custom-printed bags is great promotion for your brand, as well. People may see them out walking with your bag and be curious about the logo or brand name on the bag, then search the Internet for that name, learn more about your business, then make a visit or purchase.

Using custom wholesale bags is an easy way to show current and potential customers that you pay great attention to detail and you want your clientele to be happy.

Learn more about the benefits of using custom wholesale bags from Star Poly today.

Specialty poly bags, food storage


If you’re in the business of selling…well, just about anything, you’ve probably already researched the different types of packaging and bags for your products. If you haven’t yet decided on what to use for your store or wares, though, you should be considering specialty poly bags. In addition to offering you the customizable options of printing your logo or branding colors on the bag, they also allow you the freedom of giving your customers bags that have been chosen to accommodate your products.

For instance, if you sell small pieces of hardware or parts, zip-lock parts bags are ideal, instead of using bags that do not seal. There are a variety of industries and products that benefit from specialty poly bags, for a number of reasons.


Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are, of course, an essential thing to have on hand for your shoppers. Depending on what you sell, different shapes and sizes might be beneficial to have on hand. For instance, bags that have handles die-cut into the tops, zip-lock bags, or garment bags on rolls all serve very different purposes when people are shopping. Having bags on hand that correspond with what you sell is ideal.


Food Storage

Specialty poly bags are used very frequently for food storage. For instance, the product bags that you get at the store are typically classified as specialty poly bags, as are bakery bags, the bags that restaurants put your leftovers in, and even sandwich bags. Printing your brand, logo, or company name on these bags helps reinforce brand recognition, since every time someone uses the bag, they’ll see your logo again. Since they can be used on any number of different food products, they’re a popular choice for the food industry.


Mailers and Newspapers

Sending out mailers or newspapers requires specialty bags as well—you’ll want something that can accommodate the unique size or shape of what you’re sending but more importantly you’ll want something that protects the contents of the bag from the elements. Specialty poly bags are great for things like newspaper because, since they sit outside until someone picks them up, the poly bag prevents them from becoming damaged from rain or snow.


Medical and Dental Poly Bags

Medical and dental bags can also be customized. Printing things like the biohazard symbol onto these specialty bags is important if the contents could be harmful, and being able to securely seal these bags is a must. From specimen bags to lab transport bags and everything in between, it’s not surprising that many professionals in the dental and medical fields choose specialty poly bags.

If you’re curious about the different types of specialty poly bags available, contact Star Poly today.

People in grocery stores have a vast selection to choose from when they’re buying any given product. Think of what it’s like walking through the bread aisle at your local supermarket—countless brands and different types of bread. Unless a customer has a favorite type, it’s nearly impossible to tell one from another.

There are, however, a few brands that strive to make a name for themselves, and in doing so, use different, more unique packaging for their products at the grocery store.  The way they do this is by using custom printed poly bags. Using custom printed bags shows off a bit of style, and if you use a photo, also allows consumers the knowledge of not just what’s inside the package, but what it looks like.

Tempt Your Audience

When you show a photo of your product or use a plastic bag that allows consumers to see exactly what the food they are buying looks like, you are playing into their appetite. When someone goes to the grocery store and isn’t sure of a specific brand they might prefer, packaging comes into play. People who don’t know a lot about wine, for example, will typically choose the bottle with the most interesting or entertaining label.

Similarly, if someone doesn’t know much about a certain product and doesn’t have a strong preference for one brand over another, the interesting package will often win out.  Make your package the most interesting package on the shelf, and you might see your business grow over time.

Choose Better Quality Packaging

When your business uses custom printed poly bags to market your products, not only will potential customers have a better idea of what they’re getting, but it gives you a chance to present your brand in a better, more interesting light.  Furthermore, using higher quality packaging materials can preserve the quality of the food that you are packaging, keeping it fresher and safer longer.

Don’t settle for the cheapest or plainest packaging simply because you feel it’s “good enough.” Take pride in your product and make customers want to purchase your brand instead of the brands next to it on shelves.  Use resealable or custom printed plastic and poly bags, and enjoy grabbing shoppers’ attention.

If you’ve been using nondescript plastic bags for your retail shop, you could be missing out on a lot of valuable business. Seize the opportunity to give your customers a sturdier, more durable, and reusable bag to take their purchases with, and enjoy the potential returns. When customers take custom plastic bags away from your shop that have the branding printed on them in an eye-catching way, anyone who sees it might feel compelled to learn more about who you are and what you do.

expand client base with brand exposure












Take Pride in Your Brand

When you choose to use custom plastic bags instead of generic, thin, low-quality bags, it shows your customers that you truly take pride in what you’re selling.  Think of how you treat unmarked, flimsy bags—you use them for waste pail liners, cleaning the litter box, walking the dog—in other words, they are disposable and forgettable. Printed bags, however, are the type that get saved and reused.

When your bags don’t tear and fall apart after one use, people are likelier to keep them around longer and use them repeatedly. Spending a little bit extra on your packaging helps people to remember you and your brand, and it’s what people will takeaway when they tell other people about your brand, too—think of any packaging that you distinctly remember, whether for a certain color, material, etc. When a company spends time creating a custom packaging system for their products, consumers notice.


Build Awareness

Another key reason that many businesses choose to use custom plastic bags is because they create a walking advertisement for the shop.  Showcasing your name and logo all across town helps your business gain visibility and brand recognition, and can even grow your business as more people find out about you. Show off the hard work you do, and take pride in your branding—print custom plastic bags to give to customers so that they know you care about your products.

Going above and beyond your customers’ expectations is what drives brand loyalty and makes people want to come back to your store.  Don’t miss the opportunity to reach hundreds or even thousands more potential customers with a minimal amount of work—print your logo and location on your bags and watch what happens.