The Advantages of Bulk and Wholesale Poly Bag Designs

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


As you’re searching for the perfect poly bag, you may be trying to decide which route you want to take: purchasing poly bags that are customized, or choosing wholesale designs. While customized bag shapes have their advantages, bulk designs can also be highly beneficial for companies. At Star Poly Bag, we have produced multiple wholesale poly bags for various products. Here, we’ve outlined some of the benefits of this bag design. See if bulk bags could work best for your company.


Cost Affordable

In today’s economic climate, companies and organizations are searching for ways to eliminate unnecessary costs. When you buy poly bags in bulk or at wholesale prices, you can greatly reduce the cost of packaging and ultimately transfer those cost savings to your customers by lowering the price of your products.


Variety of Options

When you work with your poly bag manufacturer, they will be able to offer you a variety of bag styles to fit your needs. No matter what industry you need to use for your bulk or wholesale poly bag order, you’ll be able to find a design that fits your needs, such as:

  • Food—Flat, t-seal, gusseted, zip locking and laminated bags
  • Retail—Shopping, grocery, T-shirt, flat, gusseted, drawstring, die-cut handle and sealable bags
  • Security—Deposit, bank and currency bags
  • Medical—Patient belonging, sterile, medical waste, biohazard autoclave, blood collection, mortuary and specimen transport bags
  • Government—Evidence and biodegradable bags
  • Shipping—Mailer and USPS bags

Proper Sizing

As you examine the various options you have for bulk or wholesale bags, you’ll soon see that you’ll also be able to choose from a variety of sizes. For example, bags for food items will often be available in small, medium and large sizes. In retail settings, you’ll see that you can choose from multiple styles and sizes. Work with your poly bag manufacturer to decide which size will work best for your particular products.

Branding Your Bags

Even though you’ve decided to buy your poly bags in bulk sizes, you can always add customized markings to customize the designs. Because you chose a cost-effective wholesale bag, adding logos or other designs will not greatly increase your poly bag design. This way, your products will have added noticeability on the shelves—without a drastic increase in prices.

To learn more about wholesale bags, contact the Star Poly Bag team. We offer wholesale and customized poly bag designs for various industries.